Walkshops during Rotterdam Architecture Month

Public space is inseparable intertwined with the city; it is the urban substrate, the fabric that connects individual (private) buildings. Furthermore, it is the breeding ground for bottom-up initiatives, the work field of citizens, artists and designers who program, activate and transform public space with (temporary) interventions.

We Love Public Space (WLPS) celebrates public space and pays tribute to all city makers. WLPS is an initiative of Bas Sala (designer), Ron Blom (artist) and myself (architect), representing the various disciplines, forces, approaches and strategies that are at work in public space. Under normal circumstances we organize the yearly ‘We Love Public Space’ Festival; a dynamic, interactive event where urgent topics in public space are addressed, in both an inspiring way and setting. Unfortunately the Festival cannot take place this year.

Instead I am curating a series of ‘We Love Public Space’ Walkshops during the Rotterdam Architecture Month this month. A Walkshop is a thematic tour in which the city and its public space is explored from a different perspective. Rotterdam-based professionals from various disciplines seduce the participants to engage actively in a situationist ‘route dérive’ or a Wind Walk. Take a walk on the Wild Side with the ‘Wildsnoeier’ or wander & wonder during the Urban Game Event led by social designer Lily Higgins!

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