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Walkshops during Rotterdam Architecture Month

It is almost June, so time for the Rotterdam Architecture Month! For the third time in a row I am curating a series of Walkshops for We Love Public Space. Rotterdam-based professionals share their fascination for public space and invite the participants to engage actively with, and reflect on the contemporary city and its public spaces.

The theme of this year’s edition of the Architecture Month is ‘Wet City’. Climate change will increasingly lead to heavy rainfall, and Rotterdam’s location in the open delta makes the city vulnerable to sea level rise.
Instead of denying it, Rotterdam embraces the wet city with innovative strategies and projects that mitigate the effects of flooding, and retain water while enriching public space: from sponge garden to water square, from tidal park to smart rain barrel. Two of this year’s Walkshops are dedicated to this theme.

So join us and wander through Rotterdam to explore its public spaces! Tickets are limited so claim your spot!

Wet City Walkshop #1: ZoHo, Living Lab for the Wet City. With designer Bas Sala, founder of Studio Bas Sala/Cloiq. More info and tickets:

Wet City Walkshop #2: M4H, Living Lab for the Wet City. With Lorenzo Bertolotto, landscape architect at the Urbanisten. More info and tickets:

The Skatable City: a ‘What a Mess’ Walkshop. 3D scavenger hunt with skater and designer Pedro Gil Farias. More info and tickets:

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