Corona Files Public Green


This is a public foothpath in the Museumpark Rotterdam, closed now due to Corona. You would assume that the trampled earth on the right is the result of people passing each other, forcing them to leave the path in order to distance themselves 1,50 mtr. or five feet.

But this photo was taken BC (Before Corona) so what has been going on here? The path was designed as a footpath but is also used by bikers, as a short-cut through the park. It runs right along an elevated platform, the roof of the underlying parking garage. People walking in public space will instinctively avoid walking very close along a wall or a facade. This involves the so-called sixth sense, also known as proprioception, ‘the unconscious sense of self-movement and body position’ (Wikipedia).

Conclusion; the path should have been broader anyway or even better, a separate bikelane should be installed.