Walk- & Workshops


Rotterdam is a city with many faces. Nicknamed the Dutch Brooklyn, it features iconic architecture, a lively art-scene and vibrant urban spaces.

On tour with the Public Space Detective – a.k.a. Floor van Ditzhuyzen – you discover the city from a unique perspective, i.e. its public space, in which the turbulent history and identity of Rotterdam is reflected.

Floor is an experienced city guide with profound knowledge of Rotterdam and its built environment. Given her professional background and experience, she is highly qualified to conduct bespoke guided tours to discover Rotterdam.
Tours can be conducted in Dutch, English or French with the possibility of studio visits to leading Rotterdam architecture and design studios.

Peaked your interest? Feel free to contact us at floor@nullontwerpwerkplaats.nl


Urban Spaces are shaped by different factors; their physical properties, climatic conditions, the surrounding urban context, the positioning of public amenities and its (un)intentional use…

When a public space is not functioning as anticipated it can be revealing to observe it from a different perspective. As an experienced public space consultant and tutor Floor leads (educational) workshops with the objective to expose and explore not only underlying conditions causing problems but also the hidden potential of a given urban space. Combined with an inventarisation of the (dormant) wishes and needs of the client and/or users, insight is gained in how to transform and improve problematic public spaces.

A workshop can include:

– on-site observation and exploration of the given space and its use;

– brainstorm sessions to unearth the dormant needs and wishes, of users and/or clients;

– presentation/report of the results;

– Thanks to an extensive network the possibility to engage experts from related disciplines such as landscape architecture, environmental psychology, mobility, body-urbanism, etc.